Web Design: Effective Principals A Designer Should Know

social-1319757_640Websites are the most effective ways a business can advertise its services in this day and age of technology. For most people the idea that conversion is the most important aspect of a website. The idea is that if a site does not look great to the eyes of the audience no matter how much its conversion rate is, it will not benefit the client. The designer can use any conversion tactic that is known to man but if the design, which is how most people advertise their products is not up to the standard it will not benefit the client in any way. The designer that is being contracted by a customer must make sure to learn more about design to be able to get better results.


In design, everything is visual, and whether the customer is not satisfied by what they are seeing, a designer can be sure the client can come back. In web design, visual hierarchy is considered one of the most important principles of excellent web design. A designer needs to search the web and look for the right colour combinations and then look at the site built to make sure that the visual of the site is in sync with others. If the visuals are not as high, the visitors of the site will not enjoy the experience of the site.

Hick is Law

When someone visits a restaurant and the menu has many options it makes it harder for the customer. This also applies to web design. When a site has many choices to choose from, it makes it hard for the visitor to make a final selection quickly. If the client is offered two or three choices, it becomes easy for them to make a choice.

White Space And Clean Design

There are some designers that instead of offering more options on a page, a designer just offers white space which is usually referred to as white space. The space in between graphics is a negative space and offers nothing to the site. A designer needs to understand when and where to leave these spaces as a site with much content can look cramped and disorganised. The white space on each page should be used well by the designer to maintain a very attractive design on the pages on the site.

Rule Of Thirds

For any designer, it is always good to use images on a site as a well-taken picture can communicate much faster to the visitors than any text no matter how well it is written. The best images a designer can use always follows the rule of thirds. This means the image that will be in use should be divided into nine equal parts by two equally spaced horizontal line as well as two areas that are equal to vertical lines. The most important part of it all is the composition elements need to be placed along the lines at the intersections.

Occam is razor

This is where the designer should select one among competing hypotheses which make simple assumptions and easiest explanations to that effect. This principle, when put into a design, is to promote the idea that the simplest solution is the best when designing. Simplicity on a web design is so that it is not all about the looks of the site but also how it works, the easier, the better for the visitor, the webmaster and the designer as well.


Any web designer that is looking to make in the market in this ever growing field should learn that the customer comes first. The web design should be practical as well as good-looking and converts best. By adhering to the principles of web design, the designer will have a high chance of high authenticity level as well as better financial rewards.