Web Design: Signs Of A Bad Web Designer

responsive-1166833_640In any business out there in the market, there are bound to be some of the very best at what they do as well as some who are bad. In web design, defining a web designer may vary as it does not always have to be all about the design. Some of the bad designers can easily be noticed by the kind of mistakes that they make on the web property that they have created. For any client that is looking for a web designer, they would do well to identify the types of things that a bad web designer possesses before contacting the developer for a project.


If a client is in the market looking for a web designer, the client does an extensive research so as to find out the average amount it would cost to create a site. When a web designer is cheaper than the expected value to create a site, which should immediately raise red flags about the designer. One thing the client can be sure is that this cheap designer will not deliver the kind of quality work that is expected. The designer will do a website that is equal to the price the client pays and that will be shoddy work.

No Weekly Call

A web designer is compelled by profession to call the customer on a weekly basis to inform the client of how the project is going along. If a web designer does not call the client to keep the customer updated on the project that should be qualified a bad designer. The momentum that was built at the beginning of the project should be maintained going by the designer throughout the project.

Building A Site Using A Web Design Tool

The moment a client finds that a web designer is using a web design tool is the moment the client should know that the web designer is not okay. Any person can learn how to use a web design tool in just an hour, but that can never beat of the amount of experience that a good web designer has acquired over the years in the trade. A good web designer will know that using web design tools will not get the website the targeted traffic, sales and conversion the site requires.

A Designer That does not Ask Questions

When a web designer does not ask questions that are the sign of a bad web designer, because it shows that the designer is not interested in the business of the client. It also indicates that the designer doesn’t value the opinions of the client, to find out what the client wants on the site and what the client doesn’t. The designer should be sure to ask many questions before the project begins, and the questions should concentrate more on the company, the clients and the competition.

The Designer has Too Many Clients

A designer that has too many clients will in most cases rush through projects and not give special attention to projects contracted. A designer should only take the number of projects that can be managed without compromising on the quality of any project that is at hand. The designer who takes on too many projects, the projects are the ones that will suffer in the long run. First, the client should determine how many clients are the designer has before contracted the designer.

No Conversion Strategy

The designer should help the client define what the primary and secondary conversions are. Conversions can vary from phone calls to email sign up, contact form, e-commerce purchase and also a button being clicked. Primary conversions are the actual sales which are made on the website. They also include the inquiry of sales that are made on the site. Secondary ones include emails. The designer should ask the client how they want to be contacted and how the clients would prefer contacting them.


The signs of a bad web designer are clear as stated above. For any client to be searching for the best web designer can be a difficult task, but if the client watches out for these signs, they are sure to spot a terrible web designer before going into many details with the designer. If a client hires or in some cases, fire a web designer based on the rules above the client can be assured of success in the web design project they undertake.