Web Design: Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make

mobile-phone-658239_640For any business to thrive in this modern era of technological advancement, it is important to have a functional website. A site needs to be carefully managed so as to avoid making mistakes that will lead to rankings not being high enough to get the business unnoticed by potential customers. There are some common mistakes that most small companies make their web design and therefore end up losing to the excellent cooperation in a given market. A website that is unique is a necessity in the market and not an option as most people would think. These mistakes in most cases occur when a company chooses to design a website on their own other than employing the services of a full-time professional.

A Confusing Site

A website that isn’t well arranged will always look confusing to the eye of any visitor. The visitor whom the company has high hopes of turning into a customer will feel that the firm is just as much confused as the website. When a site is looking confused it usually has typefaces, colour palettes, themes and images which are not related to each other. This will happen when a company does not employ the services of a professional web designer. Also, it can occur when the designer does not have a clear indication of the brand image that the company is trying to portray.

Poor Use Of Content

In any marketing campaign, content is one of the most crucial parts of success. Content will explain to the visitor of the site what they need to know about the services being offered by the company and the products that are being sold. Content must be done with close attention put to the consistency of fonts as well as the content being of exceptional quality. The designer should also take into account how the content is being laid out on each page, and this will make the visitor relate every page on the site with a niche, therefore, making it easy for them to navigate through the site.

Ugly Images

There has been a saying that one picture is equivalent to a thousand words. That is not so different in web design. However, as much as a picture can make the site look better and communicate more to the visitors, the images must be good looking and also relevant to what the company is trying to offer. If the company is a restaurant and website has pictures of tires it does not bond well with what the company if trying to offer. Some companies use horrid pictures and end up losing customers because of such.

Hidden Navigation

There is no way a site can have hidden navigation on it and expect to be user-friendly. The visitor of the site will most likely visit the site once and never come back again due to it being hard to navigate across pages. A small company should look to design a site that is easy to navigate to make sure that the visitors will be able to access as many pages as possible in the shortest time.

Missing The Target

Every small business owner should know the target audience before the site is done. This will help reach out to more people as quickly as possible. The way the site looks should relate with the visitors of the site. The company does not need to have a site that is too professional or trendy and hip or even too bubbly than then what the targeted audience want on the site. Also, the designer needs to understand that all the visitors will not be pleased by the site and trying too hard to please everyone will end up spoiling the whole marketing campaign.

Advertisements In The Wrong Places

A good website will only look to advertise in the right places on the site. Some areas are filled with ads that will only end up in confusing the visitors other than making them customers. First of all the designer needs to analyse the ads on the site more carefully and if the ads are irritating, they should expect them also to irritate the visitors of the site.


Using a website as a way to get ahead and compete against the larger cooperation can be a well thought of the idea, but it will only serve the interest of the company if the website is done correctly. The mistakes listed above are becoming alarmingly high, and most companies are failing because of such.