Things SEO Clients Should not Worry About

social-mediaWhen someone or a business venture hires an SEO expert to optimize a website, there are some elements of concern mostly to the success of the optimization campaign. As well known to most people, SEO is not IT. SEO is active marketing of a website, so the person hiring should be involved in the campaign from its conception to its conclusion. One should not let the SEO expert to manage the whole process alone and hope that it turns out as expected. Also, it should be noted that SEO cannot do a perfect job if they are constantly being bothered by the person hiring. It is evident that success of the campaign is expected by the person seeking the SEO, it is best if some of the details are left to the SEO expert.


The primary job of the SEO is to help a business grow its online presence. Getting to the top of search engine ranking is just a part of the SEO’s job. However, it also good to remember that it is just one piece of the puzzle and one should never take it as if it is the main the aim of the SEO. With that being said, SEO never neglects rankings, after all, they have just realized that is one of the parts that brings success to an online business presence. Clients should not focus much of their attention on getting to the top ranking in the search engine because it probably may never happen. How much as it may feel really exciting to get to the top sometimes a strong third or fourth ranking may mean better conversion than the top spot. Having 100 keywords in the top ten is valuable than a single top spot.

Interacting on all social platforms

Nowadays it seems like there is a new social networking site being put up every other year. Only a few of them are far more effective, while others just disappear like the ones that get put up. It is not a way to succeed on the social front by interacting on every social platform that is out there. In most cases, only one or two platforms hold any value to the success of SEO. It is critical for the client to consult the SEO expert on which social platform are best for their business. By involving the SEO, it will spare the client a lot more resources and time other than jumping into unproven platforms.

Emails from other SEOs claiming that the site is not optimized

No site out there on the net is ever perfectly optimized. Anyone looking will always find a fault on any site, may it be keywords to optimize or blog posts to write, links to get, socializing as well as architecture to fix. The list can go on and on when it comes to the optimization of a site. Those emails are simply spam that is sent to each and every one they can find. One question that should that be in the back of the mind of the person getting the mail is how they found the email that they are sending the mail to if the site is ‘perfectly’ optimized as they would put it.

Search engine algorithms

Almost everyone that is interested in SEO watches videos of search engine representatives answering questions about their algorithms. Well, not everything they say on those videos can be considered to be 100% truthful. Most times the agents choose their words carefully or just leave out some information. They cannot be blamed for that as they work for the search engine companies and a big part of their jobs is to protect the search engine algorithms. Sometimes the best way they can protect their companies is, to steer people from strategies that shouldn’t-but do-work. In a perfect world when they say that X is the best strategy they may be just right. However, in most cases and to the knowledge of most SEOs strategy X does not produce the same effects as strategy Y or Z.


If a client did his research well before hiring the SEO, he hired they should have no worry about the optimization of their site. All a customer need to do is trust themselves and the SEO they recruited to do the job they were hired to do, and in most cases, the SEO usually has all the angles covered very well leaving the client with fewer things to worry themselves about.