Disadvantages of Using Posters for Advertising

postersBefore promoting a business through various media, it is important for the marketing team to have several brainstorming sessions. Such sessions will help the team to identify the best marketing strategies and media through which the messages should be communicated. Today, technology has made it possible for such teams to choose from a variety of advertising media. In this regard, one can opt for print media, electronic media or online marketing platforms. Posters have been used for advertising over an extended period of time. However, with the changing times, most people are moving to more effective advertising techniques.

Although a good number of businesses use printed posters to communicate their ideas, most companies have pointed out the disadvantages of using the same. As such, it is the job of the marketing department of a company to determine the feasibility of using posters.

Risk of vandalism and extreme weather conditions

Posters are exposed to the danger of being vandalized by malicious individuals. For instance, some industry players can pull down posters belonging to their competitors. At the same time, depending on the material on which posters are printed, they can be damaged by extreme weather conditions. When posters are exposed to these risks, the marketing message may fail to reach the target group. In this way, the business will find it hard to meet its marketing objectives. Moreover, the business will fail to recover money spent on designing and printing the posters.

Limited information

To make it easy for customers to skim through posters, it is advisable not to cram the posters with information. However, complying with this can force a business to leave out important pieces of information. At the same time, the size of the posters can make it difficult for a business to include all the pieces of information they had initially planned to post. Such limited information may hinder a business from effectively communicating and convincing their clients.

No feedback from customers

Every activity undertaken by a business should be tracked and measured on a regular basis. This will make it possible to evaluate the success of the events. Afterwards, the business can decide whether to continue with the same activities. Posters do not offer a mechanism through which a business can get feedback from its clients. In this way, the company will not know the areas in which changes and adjustments should be made.

Stationary mode of advertising

In the modern world, most companies are keen on reaching as wide a market as possible. In this regard, such businesses will choose mobile advertising media. For instance, branded vehicles and mobile advertising trucks are becoming increasingly popular for their effectiveness. Since they are stationary, posters differ significantly from these models, a factor that limits the number of people who get the message.

Do not target a particular market

Most marketing messages are developed depending on the target market of a company. Posters do not target any particular market, a factor that makes it difficult to come up with the most appropriate marketing message. Indeed, it takes much effort to come up with such messages when dealing with a general audience.


There is no doubt that using posters for advertising can help one to achieve their marketing goals. In fact, experts state that these disadvantages should not discourage anyone from using the tools for advertising. Instead, they should prepare one for the challenges they are likely to face if they use posters for advertising.