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Marketing & SEO SolutionsOnline Marketing Services & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Marketing & SEO Solutions. No two people are alike, and no two businesses are alike. It is true that the Internet is a great venue to sell and do business, but first, your audience needs to find you, next you need to convert that audience into customers.

That does not happen by just creating a website; you have to work at getting the word out just like in a brick and mortar business. Through the services we offer, we want to help you develop the strategy that will allow your online brand to grow, make a difference and attract the customers that your business needs.

Having an online marketing strategy is a key tool that will differentiate you from your competition. We combine all Internet marketing tools we have available and create a customised strategy because each project is different and each client has specific needs.

The objective of Online Marketing or Internet marketing is increasing the traffic of potential customers to your website, convert that traffic into customers, retain them and convert them into income sources for many years to come.

The main advantage of online marketing is the ability to connect with the target audience of the message, without intermediaries, allowing it to be a complement to traditional advertising. Online marketing allows us to save and in turn optimise the return on investment (ROI – Return On Investment).

To achieve this goal we offer a global service Internet Marketing composed of a statistical analysis of web projects, campaigns, sponsored links, banner campaigns, social media marketing and viral marketing, besides website optimisation to improve the organic positioning same.

Search Visibility – Generate demand for your brand, products or services, connect with the millions of users who may be looking for your product or service. How should you focus your positioning strategy to gain search engine positions? What factors should work further and what you should consider making effective SEO?

  • Visibility in search engines: SEO, SEM, local visibility
  • Communication in social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest
  • Display Ads
  • Remarketing Campaigns

Social Networks / Interaction – Influencing your niche and connect with your brand, products or services. Include user interaction, involve the users in your branding and messaging so they will share it and improve it with personal contributions. What social networks are appropriate for your business? What is the objective that you pursue with each social network? How should you focus your social media strategy? How can you measure the results?

  • Content Marketing
  • Manage Communities in Social Networks
  • Newsletters
  • Blogging

Conversion – Harnessing the traffic of their digital assets to achieve specific objectives: to capture leads, gain new customers, increase sales, etc.

  • Monitoring and analysis of conversions
  • Plan conversion optimisations
  • User testing
  • Usability analysis and persuasion
  • Restructuring and Redesign
  • E-Commerce
  • Web Development

Meet your goals – A variety of strategies sometimes overlaps and complement the business strategy of the company to obtain the best results in communication and advertising.

Sell more – Generate demand for its portfolio of products and services focusing on niche markets that allow us a greater return on investment.

Brand recognition – Enhance your brand on a solid foundation of quality communication and promotion. Build or rebuild the online reputation of the company in the context of multichannel communications.

Content Creation / Marketing – Content Marketing Service, a blog can help you gain visibility, to bring qualified traffic to your website and to win and retain customers. Do you have a blog but do not know what to expect, what to write or how to communicate with your target audience? Can a blog help your business? What is the tone of your blog and what kind of information should it display? How should you approach writing articles to maximise your results? We write the content of your web page so that each page meets the needs of your users and cover your goals.

  • We develop an editorial plan to suit your needs, from issues that may interest your audience to answers that benefit your industry, product or service.
  • We write quality content for your blog, according to the audience and tone of your company that is helpful to your readers.
  • Quality content is a key to gain positions in the search engine results. All our material is oriented SEO so that you can make the most of your content marketing strategy. We write for people but also for Google.

Link building / backlinks – Our link building service, is one of the greatest assets when working to rank your website.

Search engines, and Google, in particular, reward quality content but often discourage link building. We write your content for your link building strategy to appear as natural as possible and to be safe from any Google penalty. We help you to define a proper link building strategy to determine what type of websites you want to link to you and how.